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Ignited in 2003, Sparkfury is more than just another local advertising agency made up of creative and marketing specialists. Sparkfury is, first and foremost, a belief that good work is based on grounded principles and proven strategies. This approach has driven us to produce a successful outcome for clients in various market segments, from F&B to automobile, education, finance, hospitality, and household essentials. And with our finger firmly on the pulse of the digital age, we are constantly evolving and adapting so that we can tap into new opportunities to help our clients attain their objectives.

Strategic advertising agency with digital and social media experience

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We have talented, authentic individuals who are unafraid of evolving and pushing things further. They are experts in communication, ideation, creativity, digital efforts, planning and more. Working well as individuals but more robust as a team, we are always ready to deliver more unconventional and impactful experiences.

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